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Washington D.C. Bail Bonds

As the Capitol of the United States, Washington D.C. is quite a powerful city indeed. The city proper or D.C. as the locals may call it, is home to the Capitol building among many other historic landmarks and wonderful buildings and museums containing thousands of historical documents and items. The Smithsonian Institution is also a very popular tourist attraction. Made up of well over a dozen museums and exhibit halls, it truly is an impressive collection of sights and sounds. Connecting the White House to the Capitol building is the National Mall. With monuments to Washington and Lincoln to the Vietnam War Memorial and the Albert Eienstein Memorial there is plenty to look at and take in. The citizens of Washington D.C. have several major league sports teams they cheer for. These include the Washington Capitols, the Washington Redskins, and within the last couple of years The Washington Nationals, recently transported from Montreal. D.C. is also home to the Washington Wizards, an NBA team. Although D.C. has its own mayor and government who intervene occasioanlly regarding issues such as gun control and local school ordinances, D.C. still falls under the control of Congress. In recent years the crime which plagued the area in the early 1990's has dramatically dropped due to gentrification and a vibrant change in culture and attitude by many of the residents. Statistically, however, Washington D.C. remains near the top compared to other cities when it comes to violent crime, rivaling even larger cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

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