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Mobile Bail Bonds

Mobile, Alabama, "The Port City". A fitting nickname as it sits on the Port of Mobile. The city has a low skyline and enjoys a rich green lushness. During its long and war torn past, Mobile has been in the hands of Mexico, the British, and now the United States. Because of its port status Mobile has been key in many battles, as well as producing many ships during several wars. The city contains several historic buildings and interests looking into its past. Unknown to most outside the state, Mobile is home to the original Mardi Gras celebration, and the Mobile Carnival Museum can fill you in on the other celebrations and show you a number of exhibits depicting Mobile's rich history. Also, if you're lucky enough to catch one, a Mobile Bay Jubilee is an experience to behold. During a Jubliee, all sorts of exotic and sea floor faring creatures come to shore and are harvested, which makes for some very interesting dishes out of some of the local eateries. The recent hurricane Katrina has caused a population explosion in the Mobile area, and with the influx of people, Mobile has experienced an economic boom. Slated for construction soon is the Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, which is sure to be quite a popular tourist attraction. Already open is the Battleship Memorial Park, featuring the battleship U.S.S Alabama, and the submarine USS Drum.

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