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Los Angeles Bail Bonds

The City of Los Angeles is probably better known for its Hollywood connection than anything else. Hollywood is just one of its many cultural diversities, however. The city also has a wide variety of museums and galleries that contain fine permanent collections and constantly shifting exhibitions, as well its many famous entertainment hot spots known the world over, places such as Grahmans Chinese Theater, The Sky Bar at the Standard Hotel and even Pinks hot dog stand are well known. Los Angeles also claims fame for its 9 time championship winning basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Other teams in the Los Angeles area include the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and the Los Angeles Clippers, its second (but no less impressive at times) basketball team. The city also boasts some of the finest shopping in the world, from high priced boutiques such as Tiffany and Co, Cartier's and Gucci to strip malls in tiny pockets of small neighborhoods. The surrounding area contains a variety of amusement parks and attractions. Knott's Berry Farm and The Los Angeles Zoo are but a few of many places to entertain young and old alike. Perhaps most noticeable when arriving in the city is its skyline, with towers that often touch the clouds such as the First Interstate building and the Bonaventure Hotel. Los Angeles also boasts a thriving music scene with legendary clubs including The Whiskey, the Roxy and the Hollywood Palladium. The city also plays host to many live shows and concerts by The Los Angeles Philharmonic and events like The Playboy Jazz Festival at The Hollywood Bowl, a large outdoor venue.

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