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Detroit Bail Bonds

The city of Detroit has a rollicking history that is still alive and well to this day. Known as "Motown" and "Rock City," Detroit has given music lovers and sports fans alike a vast and unusual taste of its heritage. Its diverse and eclectic music scene has given rise to such popular musical stars as Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops and Marvin Gaye. Later acts from the area would include Alice Cooper, Bob Seger and The White Stripes. While in town, a copy of the Detroit Free Press or The Detroit News should be able to bring a visitor up to speed with the many events happening throughout the year. The city boasts a number of championship sports teams as well. From its championship winning Detroit Red Wings, to the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Pistons sports fans will find no lack of events to satisfy their cravings for competetive sports. The city is also chock full of museums and other culturally iconic places. Such as The Detroit Historical Museum, The Tuskegee Airmen museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. The Detroit skyline is iconic in its own right as it can be seen from miles away. Some of the buildings making up this panoramic view are the Penobscot building and the Comerica Tower at Detroit Center. The city is also home to General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, more notably known as The Top Three in the automotive industry making it no surprise that one of the more prominent Detroit events includes The North American International Auto Show.

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