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St. Louis Bail Bonds

Although one of several cities to flaunt the nickname "Gateway to the West", St. Louis is probably the most deserving. As the starting point of the Oregon Trail, St. Louis has a long and industrious history. Form the early wagon trail pioneers to today's industrial and medical engineers, the city is and has always been a fast developing place for whatever ventures are undertaken. Most notably of late is the St. Louis Cardinal's recent World Series win. During its past St. Louis was the stopping off point and home to many steamboats and their crews. Lying where it does on the Missouri River, St. Louis rapidly became a major city. Over the years it has gained in size, accepting the growth and welcoming the opportunities inherent with change. Several disasters in its past, namely a fire and cholera in 1849 and a tornado 1896, have threatened its standing. But each time the city rebuilt and came back stronger than before. The skyline of St. Louis is a sight to behold. With its Gateway Arch on the river front to the AT & T building standing in the center of downtown, you can see that St. Louis is a thriving metropolis. A couple of interesting sights are The Fox Theater, a newly restored theater along Grand Boulevard, and also the Saint Louis Zoological Park, a free admission zoo. A surprise you might find interesting is The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, but whatever it is your looking for, chances are St. Louis has it.

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